Alfie Safaris, Outjo, Namibia

Tour Packages

Outjo township tour


1-2 persons: N$600.00

Per person extra: N$80.00

Max 4 people

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Cultural tour 

Half-day tour (includes 3 ppl and drinks and picnic)      N$1600.00

N$1,200.00 minimum

3 people sharing= N$535.00 pp

Departure: Monday - Saturday; Between 7:00 or 8:00

Back in Outjo: around 13:00

Our cultural tour takes you through the informal settlement and into the lives of some of the interesting people who live there. We explore the creativity people have in poverty. Here we find a place rich in culture and art. Africa has high unemployment and escalating poverty problems. In Outjo, like in all towns and cities in Namibia, we find these informal settlements. This has  become a normal way of living for many.  rich in culture and art

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Guinea Fowl breakfast run

The wild "Tarentale" are very common on local farms in Namibia.

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Agri-tourism tour

Half-day tour  (includes 3 ppl and drinks and picnic)       N$2100.00

N$1,800.00 minimum

3 people sharing= N$700.00 pp

Departure: Monday - Saturday‚Äč; Between 7:00 or 8:00

Back in Outjo: around 13:00

Our agri-tourism tour shows you the Afrikaner farmer's way of living and farming. The vastly big farms and long distances between towns and farms, makes for very secluded living. On most farms the farmer and his wife lives alone with some farm workers. Children live in school hostels in the nearest town. Cattle ranching is the most common type of farming. Most farming couples must also diversify in other farming practices to make farming viable.

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Gamkarab Cave

Descending into the depths of the cave

Mooihoek Cave

Under ground exploration adventure

Ultimate Rhino viewing

Exoeriencing these wonderful Rhinos close by in their natural environment

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Picknick time at Rhinos

Nature tour

Half-day tour (includes 3 ppl and drinks and picnic)                                                                                        N$1750.00 or N$3700.00

N$1,400 minimum Caves

3 people sharing= N$585.00 pp

N$1,900 minimum Animals

3 people sharing= N$1235.00 pp

Departure: Monday - Saturday; Between 7:00 or 8:00

Back in Outjo: around 13:00

The Outjo area has many huge under ground water aquifers. Our one cave tour takes us east for 35km. This one is for the very adventures and fit! It declines for about 25m under the ground, where you reach the underground water. This is close to Outjo but a narrow and rough cave climb. Definitely not for the faint hearted!

For the geographers we take our safari to the west of Outjo for 35km.  Here we bundu bash true Namibian style for the last few kilometers to reach this unexplored natural wonder. This cave houses beautiful natural stalactites and stalagmites. It is a very big and impressive under ground cave. The cave entrance is also quite a climb downwards. The brave and fairly fit will be able to manage this cave climb.

Our exclusive animal viewings tour takes you on an unforgettable safari to iconic species that can be viewed about an hours drive from Outjo. This is an impressive and very special trip that is only available during certain times and in special conditions. Please contact us for more detail about this tour to make sure you do not miss out on this once in a life time adventure. 

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