Alfie Safaris, Outjo, Namibia

Namibia is a land of extraordinary nature and many natural wonders. Alfie Safaris has exclusive tours to extraordinary people and places… Namibia as it is. Let us introduce you to our beautiful people and their special homes, local farming practices or very special animal viewing or cave adventures. Contact us and really LIVE Namibia. The tours are undertaken by the owner Alfie, an old friend of the Damaraland area.

We love the vastness, hot sun and the secluded areas of this northern part of Namibia. Our unique tours focus on the appeal of the ordinary around this special area of Namibia. Outjo is an ordinary little town with very appealing attractions. Our safari packages ranges from cultural tours, agri-tourism and the special natural attractions of the area.

The ordinary lives of our local people are so vastly different than in first world countries, that we believe you will find it fascinating. 

"The appeal of 

nothing special."

Alex Kerr - Japan